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Mr Daniël Nwabam (Nigeria)

Diplomas and certificates play an important role in Nigeria. It gives one independence and status. Training empowers both people with, and without disability to get employed, or to get access to micro-credit services. Mr Daniël Nwabam recently finished his study, which was partly paid by the contribution of Expanding Horizons. His family helped him with remaining costs. The contribution of Expanding Horzizons convinced the family of Daniel to contribute as well, because they realized that others believed in Daniel’s potential. Currently Daniel works for the project CBR Effata, which is a project run by the Aids Ministry.

Daniel is a role model for others. His story can help to convince others that people with a disability have potential. Daniel is asked to work at a school for disabled and nondisabled youth where he can motivate others by sharing his own experiences.