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Between 2007 and 2017, Expanding Horizons has received 98 applications from young people in Arica, Asia and the Middle Eastern countries (32 requests were focussing on  young ladies).

Out of 98  applications:

  • 66 applications were granted. The remaining 28 were rejected mostly due to age or length and type of study

Out of these 66 financially supported applicants for study-related expenses:

  • 20 are female and 46 are male
  • About 65 % of the ladies is younger  and 35 % older  than  the age of 25; whereas the percentages of the male youngsters are more or less the opposite : 39 and about 61 %
  • 49 have a physical, 10 a visual, 6 a hearing related disability and 1 is a slow learner.
  • 52 are from the African continent and 14 are from the Asian continent
  • 11 are involved in vocational training (e.g.carpentry, computer repair; financial management), 6 lower and secondary education16 attend higher education (accounting, marketing and teacher training), 33 attend university studies in different disciplines (such as law, history, geology, sociology, computer science/information technology and political science) {among them 5 are/were studying on master level }.
  • 13 of the original granted applications are still running/ongoing, while 53 are finalized .

Click to open the EH Financial-report-2007-2016, in Dutch

Click to open the EH Financial-report-2016, in Dutch